2014 was the year we saw a great healing work with the Horses here at the Sanctuary~~Their ability to show others Divine Unconditional Love opened the door to many hearts to receive Pure Love that our Souls so long for~~And it’s in those moments as our heart open’s to receive it that the healing can begin.  Just as God would want us to.  For it’s truly of God and where Horse becomes a vessel and an example for him to work through…Excited to see the miracles that will unfold here at the Sanctuary in 2015 and the great work of Romeo, Slyvie, Gitana & Gus~~They continue to teach me and others about living a more Divine Life through Divine Love (This is how God wants us to Live)  Here at our Sanctuary God has blessed us with 150 beauriful acreas where you can slow down and truly hear his voice ~~~Be one with nature~~Experience the Way of the Horse and what they have to teach us~~Experience the Freedom!!! Who is Ready?